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Overdoor Traction System to Relieve Pressure


For relief of some sources of spinal pain, Dr. Hunziker of American Chiropractic may prescribe the at home use of an Overhead Cervical Traction System.

An Overhead Cervical Traction System can help patients relieve joint-related in the back, neck, shoulders and even can relieve some headaches, by stretching and separating joints.

This Over-the-door Traction System helps ease pressure on spinal column, which can relieve muscle spasms and the pain of pinched nerves.

An Overhead Cervical Traction System, as available at our American Chiropractic offices, includes an adjustable head harness, a door mount, complete pulley assembly and a weight bag to create the amount of tension to suit the patient’s needs.  This Overhead Traction System helps alleviate back, neck, and shoulder stiffness and discomfort, and the amount of tension applied is easily adjustable by adding or removing water from the suspended weight bag.

When appropriate for the patient’s condition, American Chiropractic has Overhead Cervical Traction Systems available at both the Baymeadows office and the Jacksonville Beach office, to help patients get a head start on the path to feeling better.

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