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Did you know that 20 to 50 million people are injured or disabled from an auto accident every year? Young people ages 15-44 are especially at risk. It’s a scary thought, but if it happens to you, you want to be prepared. Seeing a medical professional after an auto accident is a must, because often, injuries can take several days or even weeks to show up. Dr. A.J. Hunziker, owner of American Chiropractic, with convenient locations in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is ready to diagnose your injury and help you recover. His treatments are drug-free and non-invasive. To schedule your consultation, call our office, or book an appointment online.

Auto Accidents Q & A

How does a chiropractor diagnose automobile injuries?

Dr. Hunziker takes your medical history, gains information about the accident, and conducts a thorough physical examination. He takes and examines X-rays of the affected areas, and he may order an MRI to help detect any soft tissue injuries, which may not be evident from the X-rays.

What is a whiplash injury?

One of the most common injuries from an auto accident is whiplash, when trauma causes your head to jerk suddenly from side-to-side or forward and backward. You likely have whiplash if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Pain in your neck
  • Hard or knotted muscles
  • Cannot move your head from side to side or backward and forward without pain
  • Cannot look over your shoulder without pain
  • Headaches
  • Tenderness in your neck

Whiplash can tear muscles, knock your vertebrae out of alignment, tear tendons and ligaments, and cause concussions. If untreated, you may have pain for months or years in the affected areas. Depending on the severity of the injury, and after all tests are in, Dr. Hunziker may perform cervical spine decompression, described below, in the office. Follow-up treatments are usually required after auto accidents. As you improve, Dr. Hunziker may prescribe gentle neck exercises to aid regaining full range of motion.

How can an auto accident damage the spine?

Auto accidents are a significant source of back pain. X-rays and MRIs show any damage from an auto accident, ranging from bulging disks to misalignment of your vertebrae.

What treatment is effective for damage to the spine?

Depending on what he finds, Dr. Hunziker may use a spinal decompression technique to gently stretch your spine while you lie on a special computer-assisted table. The decompression allows healing to begin by increasing the oxygen and blood flow to the area. Spinal decompression is an effective antidote for back pain. Rather than prescribing drugs to control pain, Dr. Hunziker uses your body to help it heal itself.

We offer treatment for auto-accidents, neck pain and back pain. Call us to book your appointment today.