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Laser Genesis Specialist

A.J. Hunziker, D.C. -  - Chiropractor

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A.J. Hunziker, D.C.

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The spots, splotches, lines, and scars that your face collects through years of living are signs of experience that most of us would prefer to reveal in other ways. Dr. A.J. Hunziker of American Chiropractic in Jacksonville, Florida offers the exciting potential of non-invasive laser treatment using the Laser Genesis system by Cutera®. Without the long recovery time of peels or dermabrasion, you can say goodbye to many of the facial skin flaws you’ve acquired. Call or click today to schedule a consultation.

Laser Genesis Q & A

How do cosmetic laser systems work?

As your skin ages, it starts to dry out and lose its elasticity. This is particularly evident on the outer layer, the epidermis since this is face the world sees. However, the deeper skin layers feel the aging process as well. Since your external skin relies on the dermis for support, you could be hit with two levels of deterioration, with one level accentuating the other.

Even though your body is aging, it retains some powerful regenerative systems. These exist to help you heal from burns and cuts, while your body creates new tissue to replace damaged flesh. Cosmetic procedures have used controlled damage for years. Chemical peels burn your skin, and dermabrasion scours away the top layers. Both techniques encourage new tissue and, eventually, you’ll see smoother, more youthful results, but at the cost of significant recovery time.

Lasers produce light energy in single wavelengths that are easily tuned. The high energy of a laser light beam warms tissue that absorbs it while passing through skin layers that don’t absorb it. Therefore, a cosmetic laser provides a way to treat dermal layers while leaving the epidermis intact.

How does Laser Genesis promote new tissue growth?

The light of the Laser Genesis system is tuned to match your skin type and color, and it targets the dermal layers where collagen and elastin reside. As these layers absorb light energy, they warm up to the point where the body perceives damage. Signals go out, and new collagen is made while the body disposes of the old tissue through the lymphatic system and bloodstream.

With this old tissue go many of the flaws your skin carries. The fine blood vessels of rosacea, for example, break down and get flushed from the body. Pockets of pigmentation that collect as age spots also break down, so your skin looks more even.

Mild to moderate scars and large pores are reduced in appearance as new collagen supports your outer skin, filling fine lines. Collagen attracts moisture, another component of young-looking skin.

How long does Laser Genesis treatment take?

Individual sessions are typically 30 minutes long, and depending on your treatment goals, multiple sessions may be necessary, with an average patient needing about five sessions. Results take about one month to six weeks to appear, as your body flushes old tissue while creating new collagen.

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