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Chiropractic Pillow for Better Sleep


Helping patients get a better night’s sleep, the Chiroflow Chiropractic Pillow is a waterbase pillow, scientifically designed to improve sleep quality.

This cervical pillow is easy to fill, using ordinary tap water, with the provided, accompanying funnel. The level of the pillow’s support can be customized to the patient, by simply adding or removing water.

By providing appropriate support for the head and neck, the Chiroflow Chiropractic pillow helps provide a better night’s sleep, which restores energy, while soothing daily stress and refreshing mind and body.

Clinical sleep trials performed at Logan University, College of Chiropractic and at Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine demonstrated that the Chiroflow pillow is preferred over other cervical pillows by study participants, and that the Chiroflow Chiropractic Pillow improved the quality of the participants’ sleep.

American Chiropractic has Chiroflow Chiropractic Pillows available at our Baymeadow and Jacksonville Beach offices, to help patients provide appropriate support for their head and neck and improve the quality of their sleep.

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