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Body Ball for Physical Rehabilitation


Known by the names Stability Balls, Gym Balls, Gymnastic Balls, Exercise Balls, Swiss Balls, Therapy Balls, Fitness Balls, Balance Balls or Yoga Balls, and Body Balls, this fitness equipment is used for both physical rehabilitation therapy and exercise, to help with conditioning and strength.

They are helpful for stretching, improving a healthier posture and performing balance exercises. Exercise Balls provide a fuller conditioning effect because the ball causes the user to engage more muscles to keep balanced while they are doing exercises which are normally performed while sitting, lying or standing. When used with physical rehabilitation therapy exercises prescribed by Dr. Hunziker, these balls will help to promote motor skills, flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance.

Body Balls are also used in Yoga, Sports Medicine, Pilates, Aerobics, and have been used during the birthing experience.

You can strengthen your core, improve your posture while you enjoy your exercise routine with a Fitness Ball.

American Chiropractic has Exercise Balls available at our Baymeadows office, to get patients off to a good start in their physical rehabilitation therapy program.

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