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Biofreeze and CryoDerm for Pain Relief


Depending on the results of your examination and his assessment of your condition, Dr. Hunziker may recommend the application of Biofreeze or CryoDerm to relieve your painful condition.

Either Biofreeze or CyroDerm may also be applied to relieve pain, during your massage.

Biofreeze was created by a medical professional to provide safe, quick, and effective pain relief, without the use of prescription drugs. The active ingredient in Biofreeze is cooling menthol, helping to reduce the effects of muscular strain, providing comforting relief to sore muscles and muscle sprains, reducing pain in ankle, knee, hip, and elbow joints, and easing back, shoulder and neck pain.

CryoDerm provides cooling treatment of swollen, contracted hypertonic muscles, frequently associated with a feeling of stiffness or tightness that cannot be stretched out.

Biofreeze or CyroDerm can be massaged into the affected area during application, because touch has been shown to be an important component to encourage the healing process.

American Chiropractic has Biofreeze 360 spray, Biofreeze Roll-On, Biofreeze Gel, and CryoDerm products when needed to provide cooling pain relief for our patients, and for at home pain relief.

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